In 2015, NVIDIA, a household name among gamers didn’t have a presence on Twitch - the number one social platform for gamers. With over 100 million gamers watching regularly an industry leader like NVIDIA was missing. And missing out.

I pitched the idea of Team NVIDIA, an always-on brand channel on Twitch, to NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang. He was sold.

Next I created the channel from scratch. I hand-picked the influencers that would be gaming on our channel, I branded the project, and managed it directly for months. Without a single dollar spent on ads, and not even a single social post about it, Team NVIDIA organically grew to a massive brand channel with over 100,000 followers simply by having awesome content. That’s more than PlayStation, XBOX, or Nintendo had at the time. And it all happened within 6 months.

Now Team NVIDIA has spread across the globe with localized channels in 10+ markets.