Senior Creative

Born, raised, and molded in Sweden. I grew up doodling, building Lego, collecting Magic: the Gathering cards (yes, I was that cool), and playing video games. At 11 I hustled every kid in school for their Pokémon cards and created a short-lived empire. At 18 I bought a Bob the Builder mascot costume and went skiing in it before selling it to a local candy store for 200% profit.

At 20 I got enough of my shit together to go study at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm before moving to San Francisco to study advertising at Academy of Art University.

At 30 my appearance is still deceptively youthful, and I’m still an avid gamer and purveyor of nerdiness and crazy ideas.


I’m an art director who writes

..a creative who thinks strategically

..and I’m as comfortable presenting to my mom, as I am to a C-level person.

I solve big business problems with big ideas.


Companies I’ve worked with:

Activision Blizzard, Netflix, NVIDIA, Audi, Lyft, Visa, Levi’s, Apple, and Verizon.


Awarded in:

Cannes Lions, Art Directors Club, One Show, Future Lions, Young Guns, The Shorty’s, The Webby’s, New York Festivals.


Currently live and work in San Francisco on an O1-B Visa.

If you care: ENTJ