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In 2018 Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was the game of choice for over 25 million gamers across the world.

I was one of them. In fact I was so caught up in the game I became the 7th highest ranked player in North America at one point. Needless to say I was a fan. So when a rumor started that the developers of the game were working on a winter themed map I got excited.

I worked over 100 hours over the course of a few weeks to create my concept for what a PUBG winter map could be. Inspired by native Scandinavia, I presented Nördheim to the gaming community. And people went wild.

Within less than 24 hours my concept map had over 15,000 upvotes on Reddit. There were tons of speculative articles, and videos by YouTube creators.


The concept was even reviewed live in front of 40,000 people by Shroud, a former e-sports pro and now the “King of Twitch” (5.9M followers).

This is a really professional design document dude, I love it.
I really REALLY want community maps to be a thing now.
— YogurtStorm, on Reddit